We bring together commerce, marketing, and technology to boost business transactions.

we are?

We are a brazilian startup that develops technological solutions aimed at not only boosting sales but also reducing churn and increasing customer retention for digital businesses.

The company was founded in 2019 with the idea of simplifying complex digital marketing solutions, which often tend to be overly complicated. That’s where the name Digital Engineering, or DigiEnge, originated from.

We are

We are

In addition to simplifying the use of complex digital strategies (using a lot of technology), we also prioritize the human aspect.

We reaffirm this in every action we take in the market, which is also the origin of our slogan: “We are digital. We are human!”

Our main focus is consistently increasing the number of commercial transactions (sales), always aligned with the best practices and methods of the international market, whether through e-commerce or the sale of info-products.

We follow all stages, from the sale to delivery, measuring customer satisfaction, reducing evasion and increasing retention.


We increase sales,
reduce evasion,
and boost retention!

Here at DigiEnge, we bring together three distinct areas – sales, marketing, and technology – that typically work in parallel, but here they are integrated. We use this synergy to plan everything we do in real-time.

When a sales solution comes out of DigiEnge, it comes out complete.

From lead generation, through the sales process, all the way to post-sales activities, our ultimate goal is customer retention. Every solution we develop, from its inception, takes into account the perception of the end customer. Despite leveraging technology, we always aim to incorporate the human touch in everything we do.



We develop systems that streamline the increase of commercial transactions (sales) and empower our team to be more productive and efficient at every stage of the DigiEnge customer journey.

We have Dihana, our artificial intelligence that is integrated into our entire ecosystem.

We also have Digiresponder, our communication manager, Diginotify, an advanced sales analysis and notification system, and VeloSales, a sales technology that monitors the speed of sales in real-time.

We have a team of both national and international professionals, all aligned with our philosophy and the essence of the company: to positively impact the people around us.


Temos uma equipe de profissionais nacionais e internacionais, todos alinhados com a nossa filosofia e com a essência da empresa: impactar positivamente as pessoas ao nosso redor.

Evandro Fernandes is an economist from PUC-SP (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo) and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in International Economics at PUC Sorbonne. He is the author of the books “Prospecção 2.0” and “Customer Success Hacking”. With extensive experience as an executive in multinational companies across various industries such as technology, banking, mining, franchises, and marketing.

As a consultant, he has helped a Brazilian startup secure its first funding of R$ 2 million through commercial leverage and software company management strategies.

Lucas Gomes is currently pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering at UFJF (Federal University of Juiz de Fora). He is an official partner of Hotmart, specializing in project management, remote teams, strategy execution, and digital product launches.

He has successfully conducted over 7000 online sales, resulting in more than R$ 4 million in sales of digital products (infoprodutos)

Next partners and shareholders

After the entry of the investment fund to leverage the development of new technologies.

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"We aim for profit, but above all, customer experience."



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This is DigiEnge, the summation of vectors: marketing, sales, and technology, coupled with the human factor (which is the power of knowledge and expertise in action), whose ultimate end goal is not only the increase of sales but also the increase of retention.

We are completely digital, yet fully and exponentially human.

"More than a company, a cause."